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Fuels & Hand Painted 'Roses & Castles' Canal Art


We are beginning to stock a small variety of fuels to suit most requirements and pockets for the boat owner or canalside property.

Details and prices will be added here as we discover new popular products.

20 kg bags:


HOUSE COAL ~ £7.50


EXCEL  ~  £9  ~   A very high quality clean burning, approved smokeless fuel ideal for open fires and also multi-fuel stoves.


ANTHRACITE  ~  £9.75  ~  A natural smokeless fuel providing excellent heat and low ash. A very clean fuel ideal for gravity-fed boilers.  


SUPERTHERM  ~  £9.25  ~ A quality large manufactured smokeless briquette. It provides a long lasting and easily controllable heat source.


25 kg bags:


HOUSE COAL  ~  £8.50  ~ Ideal for open fires, but may only be used on multi-fuel stoves and Rayburn-type cookers when recommended by the appliance manufacturer and when Smoke Control Regulations do not apply


BURNWELL  (Best seller!) ~  £10 ~ Non approved smokeless fuel, long burning high heat briquette that is low in ash. It can be added to a coal fire for overnight burning or burnt on its own and in stoves.


Other products:


CALOR GAS ~ £29:50 ~ 13kg propane ,we will try to always carry these in stock.

                     ~ £22 ~ 6kg propane

                     ~ £36      ~ 19kg propane

Other sizes are available on request.


FIRELIGHTERS ~ 99p or large box £2


KINDLING ~ £3.50


LOGS ~ £4.50


ELSAN BLUE ~ £15.50 ~ 4 litre bottle For all chemical toilets, waste holding tanks and cassettes. Kills germs and prevents odours to keep toilets safe, clean & fresh.


ELSAN GREEN ~ £11.50 2 litre bottle.  Brand new biological technology which works in a completely different way to conventional toilet fluids. No chemical smell. It’s a toilet rinse too!


MORRIS K99 GREASE ~ £4.25 ~ 500g   a premium quality, water resistant grease for use in industrial and marine applications where the presence of water and humid atmospheres can effect lubricating performance and be detrimental to the protection of parts from corrosion. K99 is suitable for plain and anti-friction bearings.  


Cork Key Ring ~ £3.75 ~ floating cork key ring


Mooring Line ~ £55 set of 3 ( 2 x 10m, 1 x 12m) 14 black


Fenders ~ from £55 (Standard Button)




Red Diesel now available!!

Sorry for any inconvenience.  



Our route will take us between Llangollen Marina and Hurleston Flight approx every 4 weeks, reducing to 2 weeks during the winter.  Please message us with your requirements on our  Contact Us link or by text on 07754 003834