Chamberlain Carrying Co.

Fuels & Hand Painted 'Roses & Castles' Canal Art

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Chamberlain Carrying Co. is our floating fuelboat and gift shop business aboard historic narrowboats Mountbatten and Jellicoe.  

We deliver fuels to boaters and canalside properties and  during the summer season, attend festivals and busy places selling our range of hand painted Canalware items, decorative ropework and general Canalia.

Follow our route during the summer season by clicking on Calendar

commissions taken for bespoke canalware

Diesel, Coal , Smokeless, Chandlery Items, Kindling, Elsan Blue & Firelighters

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Delivery Schedule :  Sun 3rd Dec ~ Bridge 42 to Ellesmere, Mon 4th Dec ~ Ellesmere to Poachers Pocket, Tues/Wed 5th/6th Dec ~ Poachers to Trevor /Llangollen Basin depending on Water/ Load levels and daylight!

Please text us on 07754 003834